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LeadsGuru (VEER HANUMAN ENTERPRISE), a leading ed-tech platform, prepares you for real-world opportunities that you have always desired. With the vision to import valuable knowledge, we introduce you to the top industry professionals at LeadsGuru. Fuel the passion in you and get years ahead in your career with LeadsGuru- your one-stop solution for all your educational needs.

  • Passion and commitment to delivery excellence
  • Innovation and collaboration culture
  • Transparency
  • Commitment towards excellence
  • Integrity

Long-term Vision and Trajectory

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With the mission to bring emerging leaders and experienced teachers on one platform to generate productive results and create a win-win situation for all, LeadsGuru is creating a revolutionary impact in the ed-tech industry. The platform fosters quality education, which precedes your exceptional forthcoming results.

We believe that traditional education systems are not sufficient to help students to excel in the ever-evolving industry. Hence, LeadsGuru introduces courses that help students to thrive in their personal and professional lives.


LeadsGuru was founded with the vision to provide online education and educate learners about the trending skills that are dominating the professional industry. At LeadsGuru, we believe nothing is unachievable if you put your heart and soul into it. If you are registering yourself with LeadsGuru today, then you can feel assured of having a huge success ratio in getting placed in the top leading companies.

Our vision is to build a culture of lifelong learning where individuals can consistently upgrade their skills to make a mark in the professional industry.


LeadsGuru envisions making a transformative change in the lives of students through its world-class faculty and interactive sessions. Having rooted its business modules in integrity and perseverance, LeadsGuru aims to create skilled individuals who excel in their fields.

Our Approach

With an endeavor to facilitate quality education, LeadsGuru is making every possible effort to bring a revolution to the emerging ed-tech industry. Now with the growing number of students who wish to upskill themselves with the latest trends, online educational platforms are manifesting a strong market in the professional world. Hence, LeadsGuru, with its dynamic team and exceptional courses, is helping you transform your professional journey to a whole new level.

Our Promise

Ever since its inception, LeadsGuru has striven to provide students with impeccable education. From offering the best courses to providing you with exceptional opportunities, LeadsGuru promises to make your education journey worthwhile. We promise to give you an unbiased education with access to the best teaching modules for your successful professional career.

Beginning of a revolution

We believe in doing things the right way! LeadsGuru envisions transforming the way professionals learn and grow, empowering them to take charge of their own career and stay ahead in today's competitive job industry. Initiating a new trend in the professional realm, we aim to make your learning journey easier.

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Interact with the masterminds who make you go far in your career. With their knowledge and your belief, become a renowned name in your respective domain.

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