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With our exclusive packages, now you can be assured to acquire the best knowledge and expertise from our team of experts. We believe you can empower the world with industry-leading courses.

₹1,899 ₹2,500

4 Courses

21 Hours

140K+ Enrollments

  • Live Q&A Support
  • 140k+ Students Enrolled
  • LeadsGuru Certificate

₹3,499 ₹3,999

12 Courses

52 Hours

90K+ Enrollments

  • Live Q&A Support
  • 90k+ Students Enrolled
  • LeadsGuru Certificate

₹6,999 ₹7,999

23 Courses

70 Hours

70K+ Enrollments

  • Live Q&A Support
  • 70k+ Students Enrolled
  • LeadsGuru Certificate

₹12,999 ₹13,999

25 Courses

83 Hours

50K+ Enrollments

  • Live Q&A Support
  • 50k+ Students Enrolled
  • LeadsGuru Certificate

₹19,999 ₹29,999

28 Courses

96 Hours

20K+ Enrollments

  • Live Q&A Support
  • 20k+ Students Enrolled
  • LeadsGuru Certificate

How LeadsGuru Works

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From the best of the best trainers

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Attain sought-after knowledge for your professional growth

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Make an impact with the help of best training programs

Why LeadsGuru

Change is a must when you wish to step ahead in your career. LeadsGuru, an ed-tech platform, never lets you down. With its first-of-its-kind training programs and industry leaders, LeadsGuru ensures to make your professional journey a leading narrative.


Keep oneself up to date with the most recent market trends because of the fierce rivalry.


With LeadsGuru certification now you can boost your CV to kick start your professional career.


Join us and earn a decent amount of commission for your professional journey.


With LeadsGuru exclusive partner program, now trainers can start their journey and build their strong position in the market.

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Our Instructors

At LeadsGuru, you can now be assured to get the top-most training from the leading educators of their respective fields. Turn your dreams into reality with LeadsGuru proficient instructors.

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Book your seats right away to get the best skill-based courses for your successful career ahead. Check out what the alumni have to say about LeadsGuru.


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